Sunday, October 01, 2017

Lilly Pilly

I have a pot next to my back sliding glass door which I brought from the old house and it had some dead thing in it.

So, today I pulled that out and put a beautiful new Lilly Pilly in it.

A lovely fresh fragrant shrub with shiny green and burgundy leaves.  Later on there will be pretty little white flowers and then berries.  What a delight!

And every day it will remind me of one of my beautiful children ... Elizabeth (my Lillie Pillie).

A New Veggie Patch

I have waited all Winter to get started on my brand new veggie patch in my new Kilsyth home!

Firstly, pulling out weeds and digging over the soil.

Then digging in three bags of cow manure and most of the compost from the bin that the previous owners had left for me.

Rich sweet nutritious compost.

I had moved the compost bin to a new place in the back corner of the yard and it was filled so quickly with weeds, lawn clippings, compostable coffee pods and other stuff from work and veggie scraps from my kitchen.  So, I left that one to break down and got a new one to start filling.

Then it was time to get all my seedlings ready.

Four types of tomato, seven types of lettuce, basil, sweet corn and zucchinis.

I used some of the old bricks that were stacked against the fence to make two pathways through the middle, so that I can reach all the plants for weeding, watering, tending and harvesting.

Firstly the lettuces ...

... then the sweet corn up against the fence ...

... then the tomatoes and basil, followed by the zucchinis ...

Then I gave all the seedlings a thorough watering.

After that, I had to protect my patch from marauding invaders who would like to eat my veggies before I do - birds, slugs, snails and possums!  So I sprinkled some pet safe slug & snail bait, sprayed "Scat" possum repellent along the fence, all over the tree and all around the patch, then put up bird netting, hooked to the fence and pegged down to the ground.

A total of six hours' work across the weekend, but I'm feeling so incredibly happy to have finally got my new veggie patch established!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Trentham :: 18-20 August 2017

Sam and I have just had a wonderful weekend away in Trentham with her gorgeous daughter Phoebe and my two beautiful girls Torie and Lizzy.

We stayed at an AirBNB called "Plum Tuckered Inn", which is a cosy little cottage with two woodfires, which were very much appreciated because it was very cold there in the Central Highlands.

It even snowed a little further north in Bullarto, although the weather was fine all weekend for us.

It was a real "Mums and Daughters" weekend, which was really lovely!  

My girls have a very busy social life as well as important roles in their jobs, which meant that they could only be with us for the Saturday, but we had such fun together going to the Farmers' Market, where I bought some really thick bed socks and Phoebe and I both bought beanies.  There was a marching band and we bought sausages in bread which we shared with the dogs.

After that, we spent some time poking around in art galleries and specialty nicnack shops like Kuki, where Sam bought Phoebe a cute overnight bag.

Then we stopped in at the Historical Red Beard Bakery for morning tea and sat in the sun warming our bones while we chatted, ate muffins and drank coffee and hot chocolate.

Daisy and Jarrah enjoyed their muffins too!

After that we found an Op Shop and we were all in heaven sifting through all the bargains there!  Torie bought a belt, Lizzy got some berets, Sam bought a book and Phoebe bought some shoes.  At first I couldn't see anything I wanted, but was standing at the counter just before we left and spied the cutest little bear who is apparently called Sue-Ellen (only $5) ... I couldn't resist!!
... and then just as I was turning to leave I nearly tripped over the most gorgeous travel bag with a sturdy handle and wheels which Torie immediately said I HAD to get because it matched my orange leather jacket EXACTLY (and it was only $8!!!).  Not a bad find for $13 (although I felt guilty for getting such great bargains, so gave them a $2 donation as well)!
After such an eventful morning, we all went back to the house for lunch and wine and an afternoon of kicking back and relaxing, more chatting and some naps before Torie and Lizzy headed home because they had a special friend's birthday party that night. 

Then Sam, Phoebe and I went across the road to the Pig & Whistle for dinner.  Sam had fillet steak, Phoebe had a hamburger with caramelised onions and I had a pork and mushroom pie.  They were all delicious!
After dinner, Sam and Phoebe went back across the road to our cosy cottage to settle in and read books, but I stayed on at the Pig & Whistle because I wanted to see a performance by an orator called Peter Fernon.  This was one of the reasons I had wanted to come to Trentham this weekend - the Words in Winter Festival (which I had read about in the most recent newsletter from the Storytelling Guild of Victoria).

Peter told a tale called "The Wheel" about his family and he was a true theatrical artist because the story he told painted word pictures in my head.  He used his saxophone not only as a musical instrument to decorate his story, but also as a prop - one minute it was a babe in his arms as he told about his great grandmother struggling to raise her nine children, the next it was a rifle in the hands of his grandfather as he and his battalion rushed to their deaths in World War 1.  He sang beautiful tunes and changed his voice to become his characters, he used the taps on his shoes as percussion, sometimes the rat-a-tat-tat of the German machine guns, at other times the rattle of old railway carriages, sometimes the ticking of an old clock showing the passage of time from one generation to another.  I had initially been unsure whether I would enjoy this eccentric looking thespian's performance, but by the end I was swept up into his story ... feeling like I had met each of the characters in it.  It was a truly beautiful evening!

Back to the cute little "Plum Tuckered Inn" again to spend the night in my big fluffy warm bed with Jarrah and Daisy and the woodfire keeping us all warm.

This morning we packed and said farewell to the cottage and the cute alpacas which Vicky, the landlady owns.  Apparently her alpacas are quite famous in the area, especially the black one who is called Wakka (the alpakka)!
There is a story in the local paper about Vicky taking Wakka into the Pig and Whistle for a guiness!
After we left the cottage, we made our way to Trentham Falls, which was only ten minutes away and walked the dogs along the path to see the beautiful waterfall.
After spending some time just marvelling at the wonder of nature and soaking in the beautiful views, we headed off to Radio Springs Hotel in neighbouring Lyonville for morning tea.
We had heard about this quirky little place because our landlady Vicky works there, but didn't realise until we got there that this was actually the Centre of the Universe!  Ha ha!!

Another pub full of character (and characters)!

Vicky showed us around - the rooms are just beautiful!

After we left there, we said our farewells and Sam and Phoebe headed off to Daylesford for the afternoon while Daisy, Jarrah and I headed home.

A truly lovely weekend I will remember for a very long time!